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Conscious Coconut

A coconut oil junkie herself, Conscious Coconut founder, Danielle, decided to make the best coconut oil possible and give back while doing it.  From start to finish, every step in the Conscious Coconut journey makes a difference.  To source their oil, they work directly with farmers, supporting fair trade practices. The tubes are then packaged by adults with learning disabilities at the MacDonald Training Center. Finally, with every tube purchased, a hungry child gets a meal through Feeding America. And let’s not forget…this is completely organic, cold-pressed amazing coconut oil.


Why we love Conscious Coconut:

This is the perfect thing to keep in your bag at all times. It is a lotion, sunscreen, antibacterial treatment, itch relief, shaving cream, conditioner, makeup remover…you name it, it probably does it.

Conscious Coconut Organic Coconut Oil $8.99 $17