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Marin Bee

Crafted from California Wildflower Honey, Marin Bee products are moisturizing, anti-bacterial, and anti-aging. Founder Debra Tomaszewski was a "backyard beekeeper" when she discovered the benefits of honey on the skin. Combining two passions, she set out to create healing skincare, Marin Bee, and a non-profit to save our priceless Bee population, Planet Bee Foundation.


Why we love Marin Bee:

Honey does wonders for your skin! The Detox Masque gives you instant results…calming the skin and decreasing redness. Plus they smell great!

Marin Bee Detox Masque $19.99 $48
Marin Bee Honey Shave $11.99 $28
Marin Bee Honey Polish $15.99 $38
Marin Bee Honey Butter $7.99 - $16.99