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Less is more, but only with the right active ingredients. That is exactly what Jochem Hes and Sjoerd Trompetter thought when they became dads in 2013.  A whole new world opened up to them, but they also found out that even baby care products contain harmful ingredients. That can’t be a good idea.  Naïf was born: a reliable skincare brand for babies and children, without all the nonsense.


Why we love Naif:

"Mild products with a great scent! My son has eczema and their lotion is the only thing that keeps it at bay." ~ Millie

Naif Cleansing Wash Gel $4.99 $11
Naif Protecting Sunscreen $8.99 $22
Naif Nurturing Cream $6.99 $16
Naif Diaper Cream $5.99 $14