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Tammy Fender

Over 25 years ago, Tammy Fender pioneered a movement towards natural, plant-based luxury skincare and holistic health, recognizing the interconnected nature of wellness, and guiding clients towards lifestyle choices that enhance vitality on every level—body, mind and spirit. Unprecedented extraction techniques maintain nearly 100% of the vital molecular energy held within their plant remedies, creating proprietary, highly active formulas.

Why we love Tammy Fender:

“This brand was one of my favorite “discoveries” when researching products for RuMM & Co.! I tried her products and became obsessed…and haven’t stopped using them. They make your skin feel like you just had the best facial of your life. They are the only skincare line we carry in its entirety. I love it that much. Bonus: their products are poured and packaged by hand! Love that!”  ~Millie

Tammy Fender Sensitive Dry Treatment Kit $49.99 $165
Tammy Fender Roman Chamomile Tonic $18.99 $60
Tammy Fender Oily Overactive Treatment Kit $49.99 $165